From the sharp delineation of sunlight and shadow to the soft blur of rain, with stops for colour and street art along the way.
The approach of Easter brings thoughts of the afterlife, brotherhood, sacrifice, betrayal, and walking through the city in spring.
Rational cheese and a tobacco ballet, how cities shape conversation, and the joy of mapmaking. A new year inspires reflection on how we imagine…
Like the mixed tapes I made in my youth, an eclectic mix of material – sports, seasons, sidewalk libraries, elections – and yes, mixed tapes.
As the plant world goes into hibernation, some reflections on what our relationship with it can tell us about ourselves.
Peaches and cosmos going wild, tricycling and cycling in Scarborough, and another way to look at one’s library.
From Renaissance theatre around the Mediterranean to parks in Toronto, with stops for overbites and antilibraries.
Introducing Desire Lines
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Desire Lines